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Nicholas Frietag was born in the Palatine region of Germany in about 1720.  He was possibly born and lived in the village of Gonnheim, in the Rhine-Phalz area.  This is close to modern day Mannheim.

Nicholas emigrated to the new world in 1738.  He arrived in Philadelphia aboard the ship,  THISTLE, in September 19, 1738.  Upon his arrival, Nicholas took the oath of allegiance to the British crown.

At the time of his voyage,  Nicholas Frietag spelled his name as Nicholas Vrydagh.  His name was later spelled Frietag, and then changed again to Friday.

Nicholas Frietag was married first to a lady named Maria Cathrina, [last name unknown] and they had a son, Nicholas Jr.   Nicholas Jr was born about  December, 1743

Nicholas Frietag was married again to a lady named Anna Elizabeth [last name again unknown]

I believe Nicholas Frietag and Anna Elizabeth had several other children, among them were  Catherine Elizabeth who was baptized in Philadelphia on May 1, 1751, and Johann Martin Friday, who was baptized in Philadelphia on August 31, 1755. 

Johann Martin Friday may have lived in Lincoln County NC.

Nicholas Frietag brought his family south through the Shenendoah Valley and into the back country of the Carolina's in the mid 1750s.

Colonial records note a land grant of 200 acres along the river then known as Howard's Creek, which joins the present day South Fork of the Catawba River.  From this wilderness Nicholas Friday carved out a farm and raised his family.

Thus was established the Friday family in North Carolina.

Friday Family Reunion:  Hardin, NC circa 1910


Nicholas Friday (Jr.) and Anna Maria (Mary) Ramseur Rudisill

Nicholas Friday was born in December 1743 in Lancaster or York Co., Pennsylvania. He was the son of Nicholas Frietag.

Nicholas Friday married Anna Maria (Mary) Ramseur, daughter of Johann Dietrich Ramseur and Catherine (last name unknown) in 1765 in Tryon County (present day Lincoln County). Nicholas Friday died on 15 November 1789 at age 45.

Nicholas Friday is mentioned in the colonial records as being a member of the safety committee for Tryon County before the American Revolution. He is on the roster as part of Captain Carpenter’s company. I have been told that Nicholas fought with Patriot militia at the battle of Ramseur’s Mill, but have seen no documentation to back up that claim.  

Mary Ramseur’s father, Dietrich Ramseur, was the operator of Ramseur’s Mill. It should make sense that Nicholas would have some role in that fight, given the family connection to that area and given his involvement in the affairs of the county.

Nicholas Friday was one of the principal men who laid out the Town of Lincolnton, on portions of his land.  Several important meetings took place at his home before the Town of Lincolnton was established, including the county court proceedings

The NC Colonial Records, Land Grants, shows that on April 21, 1764 Nicholas Friday was appointed 200 acres in Mecklenburg County (prior to establishment of Tryon County). This land was described as being:

“On Howards Creek between Haywards Tract and FREDERICK WISE on the S. side of the S. fork of Catawbo,[sic] joining the Creek.”

This location is where the present day Hardin Cotton Mill and Hardin community is located.

This area was described in the North Carolina Gazetteer as “Friday Shoals.” In the description of Friday Shoals, it is noted they are named for “Captain Nicholas Friday.” I don’t know where that descriptor comes from except for his service on the Tryon County Committee of Safety during the Revolutionary War.

Nicholas Friday’s wife, Anna Maria Ramseur had been previously married to Jakob Philip Rudisill before she married Nicholas Friday. Anna Ramseur was born January 7, 1738 in Pennslyvania. She lived to be 81 years old. She died March 17, 1819 in the Hardin, NC area and is buried in the Friday cemetery on Fancy Hill Road, next to Nicholas.

It is interesting to note that Nicholas Friday’s younger brother, Martin Friday, married Elizabeth Rudisill on October 22, 1777. Elizabeth Rudisill was the daughter of Jakob Philip Rudisill and Anna Maria Ramseur, born to the couple before Anna Maria was married to Nicholas Friday. Elizabeth Rudisill died sometime prior to 1783.

Nicholas Friday had two sons, Andrew and Jonas. It is the lineage of these two sons that comprise the Friday families of Gaston and Lincoln counties today.


   Nicholas Friday's Gravestone:  Friday Family Cemetery in Hardin, NC


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