The Friday Family of North Carolina

Pioneers of the Friday Family 


Jonas Friday Descendants


Jonas Friday was a son of Nicholas Friday, the pioneer of the Friday family.  He was born in North Carolina on September 15, 1766.  Jonas was brother to Andrew Friday.

Jonas friday inherited all the land on the east side of the South Fork River, where the Hardin Cotton Mill now stands abandoned.  The family homestead was only a small distance farther east.

Jonas married Elizabeth Costner, the daughter of Jacob Costner and his wife [who was also named Elizabeth].

Like his father, Nicholas, Jonas Friday lived only to be 45 years old.  He is buried in the original Friday family cemetery, located on the hill overlooking the Hardin Cotton Mill.  The cemetery can be accessed from Fancy Hill Road, through the main gate of the county landfill, just south of the cemetery.

Jonas Friday and Elizabeth Costner's children were:

  • Jacob Friday
  • Jonas Friday (jr), married Mary Hovis
  • Mary Elizabeth Friday, married Michael Summey
  • J. Nicholas Friday, married Sarah Froneberger
  • Lanie Friday, married Alfred Abernathy
  • Michael Friday
  • Ephraim Friday, married Emily Holland

Jacob Friday was drowned while bathing in the South Fork River, July 3, 1808.  He was only 16 years old. 

Lanie Friday moved to Texas with her husband Alfred Abernathy.  They lived in Coleman, Texas, which is about 100 miles SW of Dallas.

Jonas Friday and Mary Hovis lived in the Hardin community and are buried together in the Friday family cemetery.  They had 4 children:

  • Jacob Friday, married Susan Carpenter and then Jane Long
  • Caroline Friday, married Jacob Plonk
  • Lanie Friday
  • Ephraim Friday; died at the Battle of Frazier's Farm, serving the Confederacy in Co. H of 37th NC Regiment, Army of Northern Virgina

 J. Nicholas Friday lived on the west side of Hoyle's Creek, east of the Hardin Mill, until 1882.  His wife, Sarah, survived him by 20 years.  They are both buried at the Friday family cemetery.   

J. Nicholas's first name was John.  The 1860 Census for Gaston County, NC records a "John  N. Friday"  as a farmer being 61 years old.  His real estate holdings were valued at $4,300.   His entire estate and personal wealth in 1860 was valued at $22,122.   The John N. Friday family, with their names and ages in 1860, is listed in the below picture:

J.Nicholas and Sarah Friday had 7 children:

  • Laban, died serving the Confederacy in Texas
  • Dulcinea Friday, married Lawson Dellinger
  • Elizabeth "Lizzie" Friday, married John Hill and later a man named Coleman
  • Jonas Friday, married Cathy Rhyne
  • John Caleb Friday, married Sarah Rhyne
  • Lee Friday, married Mary Rhyne
  • Michael Friday, married Susan Carpenter

Above:  Grave of J.Nicholas Friday at the Friday Family Cemetery, Hardin NC.

 John Nicholas Friday was a wealthy man compared to most people in and around the Hardin community.  Not only did he have great personal wealth, but according to the U.S. Census of 1850, he owned 11 slaves listed below:

  •  1 male,    age 56 
  • 1 male,     age 42 
  • 1 male,     age 27 
  • 1 male,     age 25 
  • 1 male,     age 11 
  • 1 male,     age 10 
  • 1 male,     age  7 
  • 1 male,     age 4 
  • 1 female,  age  24 
  • 1 female,  age  9 
  • 1 female,  age  8 


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